Terms & Conditions

  1. Please contact us to check the availability and book the seat for the selected flight and fare.
  2. Due to the limited number of seats for a particular fare on a given dates, a higher fare can be offered when the seats become sold out for those particular flights and dates or an alternate flight or dates will be given as per the flights availability status.
  3. Fares displayed or Fare selected on the website is not a display of available flights but is a database of prices and should be used for researching the best fares for a given date of ranges. The website fare database does not guarantee the seat availability for the flight selected on the given dates.
  4. Due to the unavailability of the seats for a particular fare on a particular date, the fare cannot be removed as the seat availability situation changes every now and then due to cancellations etc.
  5. Please reconfirm the fare and the airport taxes, before going ahead with any financial agreement, as airport taxes varies from airline to airline and destination to destination.
  6. Using credit card or making a late booking may invite some additional charges on the booking.